The Fall is Here ...Time to Create a New Schedule for Life!

Your 2013 fall is about to begin! Time to pull out your calendar as your dream life is just around the corner...

As a life coach and mother, the end of summer is always my favorite time of the year as the long and often transient summer days begin to tick away and the bells of my virtual calendar reminders sound off, "school is about to begin."  

Each year we get the amazing opportunity to begin again and hit the reset button on our lives. If you practice yoga or are close to someone who does, you may have heard the sanskrit chant "Om Namah Shivaya," either in a kirtan yoga song or recited in a book. "Om" means "the beginning of all creation and sound" while "Namah" means "to bow down or to honor." When I recite this chant I interpret the meaning of these words slightly different than most. To me it means, "I bow down to the beginning." In the chant, "Shivaya" refers to the Indian Lord Shiva, but there is also a river of the same name in India where people go to cleanse themselves. Therefore, I have decided to embrace the word "Shivaya," as "the river that cleanses."

Once while spending a week straight chanting and singing this in Sanskrit, a new meaning hit me: Om (the beginning) Namah (I bow down to) Shivaya (the cleansing quality that starting over gives me). So when I put the chant all together, Om-Namah-Shivah says to me, "I bow down to starting my life over again and with each fresh beginning I get to choose to hit the reset button." I have the opportunity to cleanse myself from my past and start again with more humility for all that I have learned and the interconnectedness of everything in my life.   

Once you have ventured onto the path of planning your new schedule be sure to not skip these important steps:

1) Set an intention. Take the time to meditate and ask yourself, "Where am I coming from with all my life choices and thinking? Who am I and what do I want?"

2) Make a list of your desires. Write out what activities or lifestyle choices you value most. If you have any burning desires you want to accomplish in your life I suggest you write them down. Make a list and be fearless as you write out all of your interests and things you would like to manifest.

3) Prioritize your interests in your calendar. For example, if you are working during weekdays, plan out one or two sacred evenings for one of the things you would love to explore, or use one weekend day per month. The most important thing is that you don't overlook these dreams or interests and instead hold them with love and validation.

I believe that perhaps we have certain interests because the universe is asking us to share our unique gifts with the world. We are not here to play small and hold them inside. We are meant to thrive and share our beauty from the inside out, not the other way around.  

Once you schedule your new priorities into your calendar you are setting yourself up to be synched with exactly what your deepest intentions and priorities truly are. Some of my examples are to take even more care of my health, creating pauses in my day to be more present and to connect more deeply with my family.

Your life is so precious. Be accountable to yourself this year and plan sometime to manifest your dream life and set free your greatest talents! 

Blessings and Namaste,



7 Amazing Affirmations to Start Your Day With!

  1. I expect everything I do to prosper
  2. I enthusiastically expect success
  3. I let good flow into my experience
  4. I am seeing good in every direction I look
  5. I am looking forward to more good
  6. I am entering into a deeper understanding of life
  7. I am recognizing my union with all people and all events 

Taken from the book, This Thing Called You by Ernest Holmes page 69


I Just Was Diagnosed with an Incurable Disease, Now What?

 Take Full Responsibility for Your Health Condition

Take Full Responsibility for Your Health Condition

If you are anything like me when I was first diagnosed with an incurable disease your mind goes from disbelief, to fear, to "Ok, there has gotta be a way out of it." What I did was consciously give myself 24 hours to mourn my situation (aka a "pity party") and then moved into a space of embracing it! This article is for the person who is ready to embrace your health condition and get some tips on how to help yourself.  

After surviving a life threatening size brain tumor I came to the spiritual realization that I am going to choose to perceive that everything that comes into my life as being for me and not against me. Whether I figure out how it is for me isn't as important as believing that the situation creates a limitation meaning "the health condition" which gives me the opportunity to either solve it and or adapt to it.  Both options enable me to grow and evolve into a wiser and stronger human being. Also if my health condition was now for me and not against me then I am not a victim to it but rather able to take full responsibility for myself and my health. 

Step 1.  Understand that this health condition came into your life for a reason and that reason is FOR YOU, not against you. 

Step 2. Take full responsibility for your health condition and/or disease. 

What I mean by taking full responsibility is own the fact that this is your body and life and that YOU are steering the ship. The doctors are here to help you but are not the ones in charge of your life. Making a doctor out to be the one who "Saves You," is creating a false expectation. The reality is that your doctor doesn't have the time or regard to listen nor remember all of your unique symptons, energy levels, family history and most importantly your own innate wisdom that your body carries for its own survival. Doctors can provide us facts and advice but are not responsible for your life or your health.      

Step 3. Ask yourself, "What Can I Do in this Moment to Better My Condition?" 

In my medical situation, I had recently lost my hearing in my right ear due to my brain surgery and was then later diagnosed with meniere's disease. This "incurable" disease supposedly causes hearing loss in my only hearing ear as well as debilitating symptoms such as intense random vertigo and headaches. I asked my doctor if there has been anything he knows that could help my condition and he did recommend that I cut my sodium intake to 1200mg per day or less. Since I was coming from an empowered place about my illness I decided that after trying his recommendations and having no change to take my health I would take it a step further by completely changing my diet.

...Remember your diet will radically change your health and your thoughts. Your diet is the one area in your health that you have complete control over and I cannot stress to you enough how important it is at this juncture for you to give up whatever foods you know are not good for you and your health. In my case, I eventually gave up all added salt as well as any food groups that could cause inflammation such as wheat, corn, dairy, soy, gluten and sugar.

Step 4. Look at your Bad Eating and Health Habits and Replace them with Healthier Ones

I was left with a pretty strict diet that I quickly figured out how to make work in my life. I did this by setting myself up for success.  I found dairy free, corn free, soy free, and sugar free organic ice cream made from coconut (so-delicious one gram of sugar) and used that as my dessert. I found stevia and erythritol sweetened beverages. I made my own gluten and yeast free breads and cookies.  

Step 5. Get Creative with Your Health Situation

I integrated holistic health such as vitamins, healers and plenty of rest. We cannot underestimate how important leading a low stress lifestyle has on our bodies and health. Our bodies only have a certain amount of energy and YOU need to choose where that energy is going to go to? It can go towards healing or dealing with a tiring and stressful lifestyle.  You need to see this health condition as a real opportunity to change your life and the sooner the better. YOU ARE NOT the disease. The disease is merely a term used to classify a condition your body is experiencing in this particular moment.  I am not Lauren who has menieres disease but rather I am Lauren and I currently am experiencing menieres symptoms.   Remember no one can save you but yourself. You Are the Answer to Your Problems!











Do We Demonize Certain Foods to Create New Diet Fads

Beyond the problem of processed and genetically modified foods, I believe that one of the main reasons why our country has such health issues are due to the fact that people think they can be healthy by following one diet and demonizing a particular food group.  This one diet is usually preached by an individual as the answer to greater health and weight loss. Instead, I believe that people must understand that they are unique individuals with different blood, live in different climates, come from different places in the world, have different constitutions and lifestyles.

I often say to my clients.... imagine walking into a clothing store and the fashion expert working there said,  "You would look best wearing the same outfit, style and dress size as every other customer in our store.".....A "one size fits all style."  Would you believe them? Hell no!  I find it almost comical that we can understand when we dress ourselves, that we all have different size bodies that require different size clothes. We all have different skin coloring and live in different climates that require heavy or light weight clothes. 

Nutrition is no different. Each individual needs to look at what is good for them not based on a doctor or health expert but rather on how your own body reacts both from a measurable standpoint such as a blood work-up or weight loss/gain to an overall energetic evaluation over a decent period of time. While the quality of food has a certain value of nutrition each individual has innately different needs. The quote, One Man's food is another mans poison has more truth than what an expert, or doctor recommends. Another point to watch out for is the recent outbreak in books that demonize fat and proteins, or in the late 90's it was carbohydrates. These books are based on the authors view or perhaps a biased study. Remember once a food group is demonized then the author has an unfair advantage to create a food line of items which omit this food group. The author then creates a movement and becomes an overnight success and thus we have the beginning of a new diet fad.   A some what fascist view on certain foods. We must remember that all food groups serve a purpose. It is just a matter of finding which ones work for your body.

So next time you sit down to eat a lovely meal or salad like the one below notice how you feel when you are done and for the hours following. Choose your diet based on who you are knowing that every food was put on earth with a benefit for some and disadvantage to others. Experiment with what works for you and stick to it!

beautiful greens.jpg