What Inspired Me to Write?

Imagine giving birth to your second child and just eight weeks later you and your husband painfully decide to separate.  Then, two days later your doctor calls to inform you that you have a life-threatening brain tumor.  One week after this call you are hospitalized to undergo emergency brain surgery.  During your hospitalization your business crumbles, leaving you with a mountain of debt.  You wake up from brain surgery completely disabled, broke, and a single mother of two. 

This was my life just four years ago. 

Today, I live in the city I always dreamed of living in.  I have the most incredible marriage—to the same man with whom I struggled so desperately for seven years.  I overcame several health issues, including a brain tumor, bell’s palsy. I have learned to live with my Meniere’s disease, and I even lost all my baby weight.  Without earning an income, I got myself completely out of debt.  I have awakened to the purpose of my life.  My friends and family who witnessed my transformation were completely shocked.  They and everyone I knew kept asking me the same question: HOW?  HOW did you do this? 

My first book, entitled Who Are You and What Do You Want is my answer to HOW. 

....AND, your opportunity to dive deeper into the discovery of Who You Truly Are and What You Want.  By utilizing the second half of my book to contemplate and answer these questions more intimately, you are creating the space and insight to set your own self free from your struggles and weakest thinking. And at the same time activate the "all creative energy" that has been dormant in you,  perhaps even suppressed by the false personas that we all act out in our lives.    

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